Our Federal Government eye tax on private health and dental plans

I recall thinking we live in a democracy, but do we really?

How much more can we really take?  Do our elected officials care what we think?  Do they have our best interest in mind when they make decisions?

We are one of the most taxed countries in the world and the government continues to reach into our pockets.

Personal income tax, introduced under the Income War Tax Act of 1917, was conceived — like the other wartime taxes — as a temporary measure. This act both expanded the scope of the Business Profits War Tax and introduced a tax based on yearly income to most Canadians.

This is some temporary measure …. How long is temporary? – forever it seems.

We now pay road tolls; in addition part of our income taxes is allocated to road repairs, maintenance and infrastructure etc.

Now our government is thinking of taxing health and dental benefits to generate 2.9 billion tax dollars. What will they do with that? I think they will do what they have done over and over again ….. mismanage and squander our money.

I have to wonder how many employers/employees will say no; I don’t want benefits, just pay me more.

You think our healthcare system is overloaded now?

If they generate 2.9 billion dollars from this tax I can see the healthcare system being used even more as there will be less private plans. Employees will look to the healthcare system as an alternative. How much will it really cost us?

As Canadians, we pay enough. The government needs to do a better job of managing our money and instead of shaking us down for more money, do a better job with the billions we give them.

If you think this is only going to affect high income earners, think again. Everyone feels this hit. I would argue that the guy or girl working for $18 to $20 dollars an hour would be hit harder than the high income earner.

When this was done in Quebec, there was 20% reduction in coverage by employers.

I think this is a narrow minded ill-conceived idea. They really need to take a look at the big picture here. We all should be screaming at our MP and elected officials – we don’t want this.

by Desmond Clarke – Dynamic Original Concepts / MC&A  January 2017

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