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MC&A Special Newsletter - September 2015

Smooth Sailing: Adjusting to a New School, Job, or Routine:

Fall can be a transition time for the whole family. Perhaps you have a new boss, your children have started attending a different school, or one has just left home. Maybe you have recently moved, and now have a longer commute to work. Perhaps changes at work have redefined your job description, or you are now doing the work of several people. Any new routine can trigger major adjustments to our daily lives, but it is also an exciting opportunity for everyone to learn and grow together. Here are some ways to ensure you and your family hit the ground running.

New Job or Work Schedule

Longer commute?

Save time by preparing breakfasts and lunches the night before. Create a weekly meal plan to avoid figuring out what is for dinner at 5pm. Scale back carpooling duty, or get your groceries delivered instead of making that twice-weekly trip.

Meet and greet

Establishing a positive working relationship with your new colleagues will help you learn the company’s culture and ease into your new position. Take advantage of after-work gatherings or group lunches to mingle with staff.

Speak up

Ask questions if you are unsure about new procedures or equipment. Are break times and lunch hours the same for everyone? Do you need a parking permit for the lot? Can you occasionally work from home?

Looking for a new role but not quite there yet? If your ideas about where you would like to be are not fully formed, taking out a pen and a big sheet of paper is a great place to start. Make a mind map, jotting down keywords, images, and even names of people whose careers you admire. Once you have a general idea of where you would like to go, your pen-to-paper work can begin to take the form of lists: write down steps you need to take to get you where you would like to be. Keep returning to your career plan and fine-tuning it until you can see a concrete path that you can set off on.

Excerpts provided by Shepell fgi – August 2015

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