Mental Health

Is it still a problem…will Mental Health issues continue?

Why will mental health and job stress continue to be a problem on productivity, quality of work and higher disability costs?

Statistics show mental heath claims have overtaken cardiovascular disease as the fastest growing category of disability costs. Today, in Canada disability represents 4% to 12% of payroll costs (1.) and the World Health Organization predicts depression to be the number one form of disability by the year 2020.

How can you combat this trend? Create a Mental Health Strategy:

  1. Broaden the focus of mental health centres to your workplace
  2. Create public awareness campaign on the social and economic value of workplace mental health with your workforce
  3. Establish metrics to track incidence of employee disability due to mental illness. A strong Employee Assistance Program can assist you as an employer.

Paul Crossdale

(1.) Mental Health Commission of Canada

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