Gen “Y” Employees are Looking for a way to De-Stress:

We all face stress in our lives whether we are Boomers, Gen X’ers, Gen Y’ers, etc. How we handle these high stress issues can be taxing on us and lead to further troubles in the future. High levels of stress can lead to depression, anxiety and chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Recent studies indicate that Gen “Y” employees are being hit the hardest with stress.

What can we do to help assist Gen “Y” and all employees in their battle against stress through benefit design?

Provide an Employee Assistance Program like those offered by Ceridian for example. Their Life/Works Program not only provides traumatic services but also services for everyday issues such as parenting, eldercare, legal and real estate assistance, continuing education and day care to name a few.

Gen “Y” is looking for more flexibility in their benefit plans. Options like Health Care Spending Accounts and Cost plus are viable options which add some flexibility.

Adding other types of wellness programs are always attractive such as, discount gym memberships, continuing education, weight loss activities company wide, stop smoking, financial planning and on-site chiropractic or message care are good ideas.

Choose a carrier that fits your demographic group and has ALL of the technological advancements they want and need in benefits – great member portal, direct deposit, submitting claims online, viewing dental and health claims online, updating personal information on line (name, address, telephone number, email address and password), printing personalized cards for drugs and travel, and checking upcoming eligible coverage on-line. See if your carrier has mobile apps which enable employees to check their Smartphone for claims information and submit claims.

When it comes to our benefit plans and the Gen “Y’s” we need to get more creative with design.

Less stress leads to a happier employee who is more productive.

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