Engage your Employees with Employee Meetings

Communication with employees is very important with respect to all aspects of the business. This is also the case with the employee benefit plan. Consistent communication with employees about the benefit plan is a very effective way to make it viable and sustainable in the long run.

Conducting annual employee meetings (at least), surrounding the benefits in some way creates a more positive outlook on the plan. Whether it’s a review of the overall plan, the introduction of new carrier features (technology), or promoting corporate health and wellness, employees become engaged. This helps contribute to a group that is more committed to corporate goals surrounding the benefits.

The meetings don’t have to be straightforward presentations either. In fact, promoting health and wellness with contests, gets the employees engaged but also contributes to the overall good health of the organization. For instance, some carriers now have health risk assessment tools available to employees. Having a raffle or draw that includes the names of the employees that have completed the health risk assessment, not only improves moral within the company, but also promotes a healthier workplace. Healthy, engaged employees, increase productivity of the organization, and also contribute to containing health and disability claims. It is a win/win for the employees and your organization.

When looking at ways to ensure your benefit plan’s sustainability, plan design changes or reductions are not necessarily the only way to do so. Engaging your employees through annual meetings or events is a very positive and healthy way to help achieve the organization’s goals regarding the benefit plan.

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