Canadian employers should embrace technology

Canadian employerI can remember the technology of my day…coming home and turning on the old “brown box converter” changing the channels with a cord that was attached to the television. I bought my first record player at age twelve. The Sony Walkman was revolutionary.

Fast forward today, televisions in 4K so clear it seems you can touch the images. Stream your music from the internet and listen through Bluetooth speakers and Google will soon have cars on the road that will drive you.

So why have employers not embraced new technology now at their fingertips? Here are 6 items you should be getting from your insurance provider, if not ask:

  1. Electronic claims submission, electronic data interchange at the dentist, direct submission of claims, software to handle additions, deletions and family changes.
  2. Insurance company “apps” that employees can download to their smartphones- add your personal profile, submit claims, view group and retirement information, find physicians, see your plan identification.
  3. Texting claims questions and receiving texts about claims.  The ability to interact with the insurance company quickly and easily via text.
  4. Changing insurance carriers – electronic uploads to make the process easier when it comes to changing carriers.
  5. Engagement of your employees to improve attraction and retention of millennials/gen X & Y/older employees, by increasing engagement, having employees receive rewards and improving culture – can be obtained through the internet or on your smartphone soon.
  6. Electronic communication – robust insurance company website, electronic booklets, replacement cards (pay direct/ out-of-country) online, electronic contracts, employees having access to things such as being able to view when their next claims come up in the calendar year.

Get your employees the information they want more efficiently 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Improved technology leads to better communication and happier, more engaged employees.

Paul Crossdale

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