Absenteeism…Can We Help?

Absenteeism…Can we Help Employees be More Present?

As we see clients and prospective clients a question that often comes up is how can we curb employee absenteeism? There has been a great deal of talk about absence prevention, wellness initiatives and types of disability management. Despite this, Canadian employees averaged 8.8 days of absence in 2014 amounting to in excess of 100 million work days for full time employees.

Why is this happening? As we all know mental health issues continue to be the biggest culprit. Mental Health accounts for 30 to 40% of all disability. How can we help?

Changing Job Stress

Our government is beginning to look at Mental Health in a more serious manner. Canada is one of the first countries in the world to implement a National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Beginning in 2013 the aim of this organization is aimed at identifying and preventing mental health issues in the workplace.


There is still too much wait time for receiving treatment, medical attention and early detection with regard to physical illness and psychological. Web based apps help provide self- help which provide effective psychotherapy. Your employee becomes the navigator and manager of their own care and can get assistance 24/7 on their own.

Track Employee Absences

With many tools out there to use less than half of Canadian organizations track employee absences. Tools do exist, however. Measuring /reporting on absenteeism is key to understanding why employees are absent. Without knowledge employers are unable to develop effective policies and programs to help employees stay at work and return to work


Many employees avoid assistance on mental health issues out of fear they might be found out by their employers. An employee survey is one way an organization can determine the gaps in knowledge of what mental illness is and is not. Better understanding might mean better treatment.

Peer Support Groups

People helping people could be the best solution to assist people getting back to work.

Employee Health Programs

Have effective programs in place that promote/support a healthy, safe and supportive workplace. Make employee health part of your corporate culture. The more personal investment you get from people the better the accountability.

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