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Our mission is to provide personalized, respected, leading-edge employee benefits, retirement and workplace solutions.  Our benefit services are strategic, imaginative and cost-effective and delivered with the aim of helping clients grow their business.  Our retirement and workplace solutions are original and creative, performed with the understanding that the business world is constantly evolving. We establish trust with our valued clients by making it our priority to understand and satisfy their expectations and goals, and by delivering projects that are on time, on budget and beyond the professional standard.

At MC&A we recognize that the only way we succeed is by helping to build successful clients. Everything we do is focussed on enhancing our trust relationship with our clients. Whether work is done with our own staff of dedicated professionals or through our association with skilled financial planners, we believe that our highly specialized organization has the ability to exceed expectations by reliably delivering advice, counsel and quality service to our clients.  We are committed to earning your trust, and to making a difference.

Our Team

Paul - MC&A

Paul Crossdale

Email: paul.crossdale@morcro.ca

Paul is an industry leader and is called upon by the group insurance and pension marketplace for his opinions, on the ever changing market. Paul is passionate about building “trust relationships” with each and every client. His former experience as an Account Executive and running a Group Division for one of Canada’s largest Insurance Companies is invaluable. Paul is not afraid to challenge traditional thinking in assisting to fulfill the needs and obligations to strategically manage employee benefit and retirement programs.

Kelly Nesbitt - MC&A

Kelly Nesbitt

Email: kelly.nesbitt@morcro.ca

Kelly is a specialist in the efficient flow of meaningful information. Her experience is board with expertise in Human Resources, General Accounting, Business Communication and Marketing. Having participated in Health & Safety and Employee Orientation & Training, Kelly understands clients needs and provides consistent professional support.

Des Clarke

Des Clarke has been in the insurance industry for more than 30 years. Des is a dedicated professional who specializes in the implementation of group benefits and workplaces solutions. Des works with clients of all sizes in a board range of industries.

Ted Morrow - MC&A

Ted Morrow

Email: ted.morrow@morcro.ca

Prior to MC&A, Ted held Senior Positions with two major Insurance Carriers and is regarded for his depth of knowledge in both the group and retirement business. Ted was one of the four founding principles of The Benefits Alliance Group and served for 10 years as Chairman of the Board. Ted is a member of Advicos and has served on the faculty of the school run for members.


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